Biological products are substance derived from living organisms to perform specific functions such as enhance plant growth or prevention to various diseases. Bacterial fertilizers on the market, are fertilizers containing rather less proportions of living microorganisms; they are still fertilizers in nature, more or less in resemblance to compost.

Bacterial Fertilizer products on the market now are mostly dealing in forms of complex fertilizers, containing either chemical or organic fertilizers. The effectiveness and stability of living microorganism, effect storage time, transportation cost and EM count in such product remains questionable. Rich Farm Series product in consists of over 10billion effective microorganisms per gram, with moisture proof opaque aluminum packaging to secure product function.

Biological products transform invalid nutrients in the soild to available nutrients for the plants growth.

Applicable product conditions are conditions suitable for crop growth.
Except for extreme environmental conditions (excess acidity, alkalinity, permafrost, etc.), environments which are nearly impossible for crops to survive.

Any ordinary climate suitable for crop growth.

Any ordinary climate suitable for crop growth.

As long as soil temperature and moisture is suitable for crop growth, approximately 15 degrees celcius.

It is advised to have a 14 days interval to the use of pesticides.

Please do apply Rich Farm products with other fertilizers to supply essential nutrients for plant growth. Rich Farm improves efficiency of fertilization to crops. As Rich Farm product is a microbial product not fertilizer.

We strongly suggest not to mix our product with other formulas to prevent accidents. Furthermore, if any unpredictable damage should happen to applied crops, it will be difficult to determine accountability.