Rolling Greens RichFarm - Patent Certification

RichFarm -Patent certification Rolling Greens Strikes Again Rolling Greens RichFarm Patent No. ZL 2019 2 1244125.3 RollingGreens is a company that develop and manufacture environmental friendly fertilizers. RollingGreens' goal is to achieve agricultural sustainability and help improving growers' living standard, with our help, growers can produce more with less. RollingGreens has expanded its markets to various countries and places including Ind...

How important is corn? Rolling Greens knows!

Corn RichFarm Promote yield rates and crop growth With RichFarm series, the cornsproduction is stable and the growth rates is higher. Since 2014, our clients from Xinjiang to Sichuan have 100% Repurchase Rates. Rolling Greens RichFarm series products are nationally recognized. Richfarm including several types of microbial ,it mainly helps crops absorb the fertility in the soil, and apply it together with fertilizers to achieve the best results. CN ID:Q/440300FD...

Rainy farm & Rich Farm

The rainy season in Central and South China begins in June every year. The proper amount of rainwater is good, so What Is Bad? Before the rainy season, the drainage system should be improved and weeds should be removed to prevent water accumulation. At this time, more attention should be paid to fertilizer management. Solemnly recommend the Rolling Green RichFarme series, which is implemented two weeks before the rainy season. It will provide enough nutrients for the crops to survive...

Rolling into Southeast Asia

2020 Rolling Green and the National Federation of Rural Cooperation launched a comprehensive cooperation, Rolling Greens' high-quality team stationed in Indonesia. Article Link Flying Cow Ranch Sampling IAAS,International Association for Agricultural Sustainability Malaysia Cooperation Entering Cambodia Rolling Greens feared no hardships With the Deputy Secretary, Mr.Lin. We can do more than planting composting, research anddevelopment. ...

Elements for Crop Growth? Rolling Greens can tell.

Agriculture has a serious system, including knowledge of physics, ecology and chemistry. There are 17 well-know elements for crop growth. Macro-element C, H, O Essential elementN P K Middle element Si Ca Mg S Micro-element Fe B Cu Mn Mo Cl Zn Link here Need microbial product? Get RichFarm! The Macro-elements constitute the body of the plant. The Essential elements become the stable food of the plant. The Middle elements are the meat, and the Micro...

Rolling Greens & National Chung Hsing University 2020!

In 2020, Rolling Greens was invited again to National Chung Hsing University to share frontline experience and teach professional concepts for international agriculture classes. Talent Project manager -Danny Chen Arrange teaching for international agricultural classes infull English Rolling Greens Professional talent training Never stingy to give advice NCHU - International Agriculture Course NCHU...

「Forbidden Fertilizer!」Rolling Green get a chance!

China Issued Major Policy! Prohibit the sale of fertilizers and pesticides. Continuously reduce the use rate of fertilizers and pesticides. Agricultural wastes will be fully utilized. Rolling Greens Core Concept From Earth for Earth Recycle,Reduce,Reuse. We waste no more. We already get ahead of the game! Years of managing with well-developed technique, Rolling Greens RichFarm series can reduce the usage of fertilizer and stil...

2020 Chinese New Year Announcement

Please be informed that the office will be closed from Jan. 23 to Jan. 29, 2020 for the Chinese New Year.

2020 - Happy New Year

Rolling Greens wish you a Happy New Year!

2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

Rolling Greens Richfarm In Mid-Autumn During Mid-Autumn period, we received a feedback from the representative of CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Co., Ltd that the rice crops grew nicelywith Richfarm serise. It willonly be better in the autumn harvest. Here arrives the Autumn fertilizer period, Rolling Greenspaid the highest respect to the farmers and the staff in the front line. Appreciate to CNSG Anhui Hon...

2019 Here Autumn comes

2019-08-08 Autumn solstice The second phase of rice crop needs to be transplanted in the autumn, or the low temperature in the final stage will affect the rice filling. Thus reducing the amount of harvest China's vast territory, most of which are still in summer, especially in southern China. In addition, "the final hot day" is 3 days after the beginning of autumn. At the same time, the wind and rain season is leaving, therefore, the temperature becomes higher ...

First Step in Cambodia

First Step in Cambodia Mr.Wu lead Rolling Greens into Cambodia Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Cambodia offeredhospitality Deputy Ministerarranged an experimental trip Departed for the experimental field After 10 hours of driving. Finally, we arrived the endless pepper garden. Rolling Greensguides for farming RichFarm'soperations are easygetting started We believe that pepper will definitely harvest this year! ...