2023 Chinese New Year Announcement

New Year Announcement Happy New Year dear friends! Chinese New Year is coming, are you looking forward to the long holiday of the year? Rolling Greens wish everyone: ~ Fortune Comes Around~ ✿ From 2023.1.20 to 2023.1.29 , Rolling Green will have a general holiday

RichFarm Cabbage, A Bumper Harvest

2021 Summer to Autumn Chinese cabbage in Hubei and Indonesia 600 tons harvest Rolling Greens RichFarm A bumper harvest of Hubei cabbage Hubei, China, used Rolling Greens RichFarm to grow Chinese cabbage, and Rolling Greens sent commissioners to technical grafting. Moreover, Mr. Lin in Indonesia,a long-time partner of Rolling Greens will follow up with the use of Rolling Greens RichFarm to grow Chinese cabbage. Lettuce planted with Rich...

Rolling Greens' Donation! Cheer for all the medical staff!

With the mind of "giving health to the medical staff who need it the most", Rolling Greens had donated 200 lunch boxes to the medical staff of Taipei Veterans General Hospital this morning! Let the medical staff who overworked during the epidemic can enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal prepared with care. Rolling Greens hope that the epidemic will pass soon, and will cheer for all the medical staff! +Medical Unit:Taipei Veterans General Hospital Donated Quan...

RichFarm fight drought with you!

Does the weather have any impact on food planting? It will definitely have an impact! Agriculture live at the mercy of the elements. It rains when it should rain, and it is dry when it should be dry, therefore, we can get the best food income. However, spring rains this year are less and generally drought. Rice is in the critical period of seedling raising and transplanting,but some fields are still in a dry state. Rolling Greens suggest: I、Transplanted Rice C...

Rolling Greens-2021 International Internship Presentations

In recent years, Rolling Greens has frequent exchanges with Chung Hsing University, and the director has visited Chung Hsing many times to teach. The 2021 Rolling Greens shift will accept three international elite masters and bachelors from Chung Hsing University for a 3-month internship. 2019 International Agriculture Class In 3 months, the director, commissioner and the three interns kept communicating, and guided the new research direction of agric...

2020 Rolling Greens wish You Merry Chrismas

Dear Friends: A Christmas greeting and good wishes to you who is thought about all the year through. Have a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year.

Make a Difference ! ! We Are Rolling Greens

Please click to watch the video RichFarm series are microbial products which benefit production with microbials to improve fertilization efficiency, root development, sprout rate, tillering, and as a result achieve yield improvement. RichFarm series is developed to support farmers and we have fulfilled that goal with a solid 20~30% yield improvement result. Development Innovation SustainabilityWe are Rolling Greens

Rolling Greens RichFarm - Patent Certification

RichFarm -Patent certification Rolling Greens Strikes Again Rolling Greens RichFarm Patent No. ZL 2019 2 1244125.3 RollingGreens is a company that develop and manufacture environmental friendly fertilizers. RollingGreens' goal is to achieve agricultural sustainability and help improving growers' living standard, with our help, growers can produce more with less. RollingGreens has expanded its markets to various countries and places including Ind...

How important is corn? Rolling Greens knows!

Corn RichFarm Promote yield rates and crop growth With RichFarm series, the cornsproduction is stable and the growth rates is higher. Since 2014, our clients from Xinjiang to Sichuan have 100% Repurchase Rates. Rolling Greens RichFarm series products are nationally recognized. Richfarm including several types of microbial ,it mainly helps crops absorb the fertility in the soil, and apply it together with fertilizers to achieve the best results. CN ID:Q/440300FD...

Rainy farm & Rich Farm

The rainy season in Central and South China begins in June every year. The proper amount of rainwater is good, so What Is Bad? Before the rainy season, the drainage system should be improved and weeds should be removed to prevent water accumulation. At this time, more attention should be paid to fertilizer management. Solemnly recommend the Rolling Green RichFarme series, which is implemented two weeks before the rainy season. It will provide enough nutrients for the crops to survive...

Rolling into Southeast Asia

2020 Rolling Green and the National Federation of Rural Cooperation launched a comprehensive cooperation, Rolling Greens' high-quality team stationed in Indonesia. Article Link Flying Cow Ranch Sampling IAAS,International Association for Agricultural Sustainability Malaysia Cooperation Entering Cambodia Rolling Greens feared no hardships With the Deputy Secretary, Mr.Lin. We can do more than planting composting, research anddevelopment. ...

Elements for Crop Growth? Rolling Greens can tell.

Agriculture has a serious system, including knowledge of physics, ecology and chemistry. There are 17 well-know elements for crop growth. Macro-element C, H, O Essential elementN P K Middle element Si Ca Mg S Micro-element Fe B Cu Mn Mo Cl Zn Link here Need microbial product? Get RichFarm! The Macro-elements constitute the body of the plant. The Essential elements become the stable food of the plant. The Middle elements are the meat, and the Micro...