Rolling Greens' Diplomatic Endeavors Earned National Gratitude from Sri Lanka

The phrase 'People are Taiwan's most beautiful scenery' is widely known internationally! Following the announcement of bankruptcy by the Sri Lankan government, Rolling Greens Nature Technology Co., Ltd., a startup agricultural resource company located in central Taiwan, promptly donated nearly 200 acres of agricultural microbial products to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture. This donation aims to assist local farmers in increasing crop yield and quality, helping them overcome difficulties. Rolling Greens demonstrates corporate social responsibility by providing assistance to international partners in times of crisis, conducting exemplary citizen diplomacy as a small and medium-sized enterprise.


Since June 2021, Rolling Greens has been collaborating with the International Association of Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) and Sri Lanka's National Institute of Plantation Management (NIPM) with the motto "Small investment, big harvest." The collaboration focuses on conducting tests and selling products for Sri Lanka's renowned tea and other crops. NIPM is the only agricultural education institution in Sri Lanka, providing extensive agricultural technical and administrative management knowledge required for the country's agricultural development. It offers diploma courses in tea, rubber, coconut, and palm oil, and collaborates with the College of Agriculture and Plantation Management at the National University to offer a Bachelor's degree in plantation management.

Rolling Greens assists in reducing fertilizer usage, enabling livelihoods through transition.

Since 2021, through its collaboration with NIPM, Rolling Greens has achieved yield increases of over 20% in various crops such as tea, sugarcane, and various vegetables. The CEO of NIPM stated, 'Rolling Greens' products are highly suited to the needs of local farmers, especially during these challenging times. With the prohibition of chemical fertilizers in certain crops and the country's bankruptcy, farmers urgently require fast, effective, and convenient agricultural resources to address fertilizer shortages and other cultivation issues. We are confident that the donated products from Rolling Greens can substantially help farmers increase their yields and overcome these difficulties.' Chen Boyu, the Director of Rolling Green, also expressed, 'Assisting farmers in creating more profits and achieving sustainable agriculture in a fast, effective, and environmentally friendly manner is the goal of Rolling Greens. It is our duty to provide assistance to international partners when we have the ability to do so.


Rolling Greens' timely donation following Sri Lanka's bankruptcy announcement has garnered commendation from the country's agricultural sector. The Minister of Agriculture and the CEO of NIPM, representing the Sri Lankan government and farmers, expressed their gratitude. Rolling Greens has successfully aided a wide range of farmers in Sri Lanka, demonstrating corporate social responsibility and citizen diplomacy. Thanks to Rolling Greens' virtuous act, Taiwan's sophisticated agricultural techniques have gained global recognition!