Rolling Greens-2021 International Internship Presentations

In recent years, Rolling Greens has frequent exchanges with Chung Hsing University, and the director has visited Chung Hsing many times to teach.

The 2021 Rolling Greens shift will accept three international elite masters and bachelors from Chung Hsing University for a 3-month internship.

2019 International Agriculture Class

In 3 months, the director, commissioner and the three interns kept communicating, and guided the new research direction of agriculture with years of rolling green field experience. Whether on vacation or not, the progress will be tracked all the time until March 11, and the results will be reported by Professor Li from Chung Hsing University.

Reunion with Chung Hsing University 2020

In the end, the three interns should scroll through the green internship content and analyze the agricultural professions in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam individually. The report is well-founded and the typhoon is stable and impressive, showing the results of the three-month internship!



肯定三位農業新人的付出 努力

They have successfully completed internship programe at Rolling Greens Co., Ltd.

They have demonstrated her skills with self-motivation to learn new skills.

During their internship they were found sincere, hardworking, dedicated and result oriented.

We wish them all the best for their upcoming career.