Rolling Greens Certified - US OMRI Organic Certificate Listed

Rolling Greens RichFarm Booster Obtained OMRI Listed Certification, the RichFarm series is environmentally friendly and directly contributes to the core of sustainable agriculture, aligning with the 17 SDGs goals set by the United Nations.。

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international non-profit organization that aims to certify organic products based on whether their processing meets organic requirements. Products certified by OMRI are suitable for food processing and organic production. In addition to OMRI organic material certification, certifications from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Canada, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia have also been applied for to comply with each country's standards.

Creating Sustainable Agriculture to Achieve SDGs Goals

The Rolling Greens RichFarm products have obtained OMRI organic certification, achieving the SDGs goals of sustainable agriculture. This reduces environmental pollution, provides safe and healthy food, improves production conditions, increases income, reduces poverty, and promotes public health and well-being. Organic certification is also an important measure for achieving the responsible production and consumption goal in the SDGs.