Rolling Greens visit - Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences



Rolling Greens went to visit Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and had in-depth exchanges with five doctoral experts including Ms. Ye XiaoMei, director of the research center of circular Agriculture of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Mr. Huang HongYing, research director, on green circular agriculture and agricultural waste recycling.


Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to Rolling Greens products, also laid the foundation for subsequent negotiations and cooperation.


The communication process was introduced by Chen PoYu, the director of Rolling Greens, and Chen XuanHeng, the project manager.


Rolling Greens RichFarm series is an essential agricultural auxiliary material -- microbial products; The ability to increase crop yields and assist in soil remediation is an indispensable technical support for new agricultural growth.


After years of technology research and development and field experiments, Rolling Greens started from Shandong, went through Sichuan, Fujian and Xinjiang, and also went to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. In a variety of agricultural environments, we have achieved excellent results wherever we go. We have agents and representatives in Shandong, Sichuan and Jiangsu to provide products and technical services.


Five doctoral experts from Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences also made a lot of in-depth technical communication on Rolling Greens products, and put forward many constructive directions for the development of Rolling Greens products in the market of Jiangsu province, which are very positive and optimistic.


In the future, general manager Li MingXian, the representative of Jiangsu province, will continue to seek in-depth cooperation and development with Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences.