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Promote yield rates and crop growth

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Richfarm including several types of microbial ,it mainly helps crops absorb the fertility in the soil, and apply it together with fertilizers to achieve the best results.

CN ID: Q/440300FDF 002-2019

Identify: 微生物肥(2018)準字(4003)號

Technic: 有效活菌數 每公克≥150億



is the world's main food crops and industrial raw materials, and is a crop of great economic value. China and the United States are the world's leading corn producing and exporting countries, followed by Brazil, Mexico, France and the Soviet Union. 

The epidemic is severe
Food is the top priority
The role of corn is becoming more important!

China Corn Bases :

Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Shanxi, Sichuan.

The corn planted area in these 8 provinces accounts for about 66% of the country's total corn area.


At the same time as flooding in the south, the northeast region is also facing the dilemma that drought has caused corn production to decrease or even cease.

There has been no rain in the Northeast for a long time, and the distribution of rainfall is uneven. The heat has caused the land to heat up rapidly, so corn pollination is blocked. Such extreme climates have led to a gradual decline in corn production, which is very worrying.

At this time, the feedback from customers in various places is as follows:

The dealer has reported the problem of corn tip back, and Rolling Greens proposed targeted information.

For example, continuous rainfall or high temperature extreme climate caused uneven pollination and insufficient nutrients in the field or fertilization management problems will cause tips back and lack of kernels.

The main factors causing tips back and lack of kernels

(1) 授粉不均

(2) 缺少磷鉀肥

(3) 溫差急遽

(4) 病蟲害

(5) 過於密植

(6) 乾旱

(7) 播種偏晚

(8) 缺少微量元素


Analysis and recommendations

Maizes have tips back and lack of kernels, which are mostly caused by the influence of climate on pollination and uneven or insufficient fertilization.

For example: in the flowering period of corn, if there is high temperature or continuous rain; fertilizer absorption is blocked, which is definitely the biggest resistance to corn growth.

1. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are not supplemented in time, so that the corn can not absorb the corresponding nutrients in the later stage to produce full corn kernels, which will definitely cause tips back.

2. From the flowering period to the harvest period of corn, if it encounters high temperature and rain, uneven pollination will result in grain shortage.

3. It is recommended to take preventive measures in extreme weather to ensure that the climate impact is reduced.

Implement Rolling Green RichFarm series in advance
For Soil Mediation
  • Improve nutrient absorption

  • And to ensure that the plants are healthy and robust

  • And to ensure that the plants are healthy and robust
    Resistance to high temperature or continuous rainfall climate

  • Base fertilizer and top dressing are added to the series of rolling green rich farmers to produce full corn kernels

  • Adding the Shizao Rolling Green Rich Farmer series during the flowering period can reduce the phenomenon of grain shortage