RollingGreens & Zhongnong -Working Hand in Hand for a Better Future


February 21-22, 2019.
Vian, the executive chairwoman and Brian,the executive director of Rolling Greens went to Beijing to have a two-day conference with Zhongnong Lvkang. 
Eventually they reached a consensus, and signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will complement each other in technology and production, 
and cooperate with each other to promote the development of plant micro-ecological preparations.

Zhongnong Lvkang is recognized as "the national research institute for the production and promotion of biologics" and "the transformation base of agricultural biological agents of China Agricultural University". 
Moreover, it is the chairman unit of the “Capital Bio-Pesticide Technology Innovation Service Alliance”.
With such excellent unit in China to cooperating, Professor Wang Qi and Dr. Zhang Lixia are more sure of the Rolling Greens enterprise concept and our Rich Farm series!

Win-win Cooperation

Let's roll with Rolling Greens !