Elements for Crop Growth? Rolling Greens can tell.


Agriculture has a serious system, including knowledge of physics, ecology and chemistry.

There are 17 well-know elements for crop growth.

Macro-element  C, H, O

Essential element  N P K

Middle element  Si Ca Mg S

Micro-element  Fe B Cu Mn Mo Cl Zn

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The Macro-elements constitute the body of the plant. The Essential elements become the stable food of the plant. The Middle elements are the meat, and the Micro-elements are the side food.

For example "Silicon (Si) can make crops obtain disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance, resistance to low light, resistance to heavy metal poisoning, resistance to ultraviolet rays and so on."

*There is a tip for the influence of essential elements on the plant traits:

N for leafP for flowerK for fruitSi protect rootCa protect fruitMg protect leafS keep flavor


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