2014 Field Research & Crop Trials: Peonies & Garlic.

Peony Field 

There are 3726 acres of land in total in JinXiang County of the Shandong Province undergoing crop trials with our product. Peonies are crops of high economic value, we have two main peony species undergoing crop trials: the Feng Dan Bai, and the Zijin. We have applied separately both 1st and 2nd generations of our Microbial fertilizers to aid the growth of the peonies. Peonies take up to 5 years until being ready for harvest, thus we will be continuously monitoring and collecting data on growth and changes along the way.

This peony ecology park is estimated to expand up to 50,000 acres by the year 2020.


First Crop Trial in JinXiang County of Shandong Province

During the crop trials in 2014, Shandong had a 150% increase in rain resulting in flooding and damage to crop harvests.

Nevertheless, local officials are very satisfied with the use of our Microbial Fertilizers has surely boosted both the crop's endurance to pests and weather conditions as well as having a more bountiful harvest.

With a good word or our products spreading, we have then received invitations from various local officials of the surrounding counties to meet and discuss possibilities to further conduct crop trials in collaboration with us, Big Rice Biotech.