2018 Szechuan Rice & Celtuce

Rolling Greens - Shichuan Rice & Corn Crop Trials

Rolling Greens Rich Farm 2017-2018 Field Experiment

Lack of food affects the world significantly.

In 2017, RollingGreens started a field experiment project in Sichuan, China. The field conducting the project was around 47 thousand square meters. The purposes for the project were to determine RichFarms series performances with fertilizer and organic fertilizer on various kinds of crops. The project also included an experiment on RichFarm series ability to increase yield rates while reducing fertilizer usage. Crops tested in the project including corn, chilly pepper, rice and various crops.

The project ended with promising results in December 2018.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations report in 2017, food scarcity is a severe problem. Therefore, RollingGreens dedicated in rice experiments in hope to support this important food source in many countries and cultures.

Experimental Group: Using RichFarm series with 100% fertilizer .
Experimental Group: Using RichFarm series with 70% fertilizer.

Experimental group A and B have increase in yield rates of 24% and 4.1% respectively. The results stated that applying RichFarm series with fertilizer and organic fertilizer increase yield rates and they also proved that it helps increasing yield rates while reducing fertilizer usage.

Rice Crop Trials

RollingGreens spent a year on this project in Sichuan, China, testing our products effects on various crops. The results stated that RichFarm series can help its users increase yield rates and do it while successfully reducing fertilizer usage.


2018/05/02 breed planted
2018/06/04 data collected
Reduce chemical fertilizer successful
70%+RF resembles 100% Chem growth
Rich Farm reduces chemical fertilizer use effectively


2018/05/02 breed planted
2018/06/04 data collected
Rich Farm enhances yield rate effectively Improving organic farming

Corn Trials


Corn is an important part in the project because it is one of the most consumed crops in history. The results stated that corn applied with RichFarm series grew better and had higher yield rates.

Control Group: Using only fertilizer.
Experimental Group:
Using RichFarm series with fertilizer.

Control group’s corn weighted 6 grams when experimental group’s weighted 9.9 grams, respectively in yield rates by 60%!

Disease Resistance Experiment


Organic Farming

Conventional farming usually produces more crops than organic farming. Since using pesticide is not organic option, severe diseases and pests problems will continue to cause yield reduction. RichFarm series can help organic growers increase yield rates successfully.


Organic Farming & RichFarm series

Aim to achieve effective disease resistance to support organic farming; we applied additional RichFarm microbials prior to the planting session. Product is applied on January 20, 2018 prior to planting and another on the scheduled fertilization on January 25, 2018.