Research & Development


Reaserch & Develop 
Our research and development concentrates on
innovation of microbial products which improve yield potentials
and annual harvest of a wide variety of crops.

Working closely with our field teams, the R&D department researched, developed, tested and overcame numerous technical challenges to bring the best of agricultural products to the market. RollingGreens has also been working closely with research as well as academic facilities to maintain a leading position in field technologies and human resource.

We now have one of the few microbial products in China today that has over 1.5 x 1010 CFU/g microbial count and the first to have a product series customized to target particular categories of crops.


Research and develop biological fertilizers and bio products, using plants, microbes and minerals, through cultivation and extraction technology to enhance product quality and farming efficiency.

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Observation & Examination

  • Product Safety Examination
  • Product Composition Examination
  • Pest and Disease Screening Procedure
  • Microbial Isolation Examination
  • Soil Nutrition Inspection



Rolling Greens Field Experiment

Brought our research further beyond our labs and into the fields
Enhance innovative potential of our teams with latest agricultural technologies
Heze, Shangdong 30Mu Currently in Operation
Chengdu, Sichuan 70Mu Currently in Operation
Apply products in field experiments
for real field data and practical uses
Inspect, examine and improve product formula