2018 International Field experiments help in Malaysia and Singapore also showed promising results with respect to different climate conditions.
ROLLING GREENS CO.,LTD is established and registered to focus on biological products development and marketing.


2017 Rich Farm product was prize-winner of the “Third China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship” competition with projects from all over the world. Established our own field for experiment in Chengdu, Sichuan province in hope for more thorough data analysis.
Through our field experiments, Rich Farm product showed results in the field with yield rate improvements and disease resistance.


2016 With field experiments showing great results; Rolling Greens expand our projects further into Xinjiang to work with local farms.


2015 Executing field experiment projects throughout Shandong and Jiangxi province under Rolling Greens Rich Farm Series.


2014 Biological product field experiments continue to spread throughout different regions of China with collaboration of the government. We managed to include Jinggangshan International Agriculture Technology Park in Jiangxi province to the field experiment and establish reputations there.


2013 Biological product related field experiments were held in Jinxiang,
Heze, Dingtao and Dongming; throughout Shandong Province, China.


2012 Big Rice Biotech est.
Biological Products Research and Development Center,
dedicate in the research of effective microorganisms to plant and soil.


2001 Est. Just Only Environment Protection
A business philosophy based on environmental clean products:
➢ A Clean Earth
➢ Less pollution, less energy consumption and quality Plant Fiber Re-Engineering development
➢ Provide non-toxic, no waste, bio-degradable green circulation product.