2021 Yilan Rice Field

  Rolling Greens
  2021 Yilan Rice Trial

Rice Crop Trial

Due to the epidemic, global rice prices have increased by 11.9% from February 2020 to August 2021, and many countries have banned grain exports.
Rolling Greens - RichFarm; to make crops more efficient, increase production and quality, solve food problems and increase food self-sufficiency of countries.
Yilan Nanao Rice Experiment: Only apply the RichFarm, without adding any fertilizer.
Rice harvest and data analysis will be completed in August 2021.


Organic Group Rice Field
Organic yield test: Only organic fertilizer was applied
Observe the growth and yield.

Rolling Greens Group Rice Field
RichFarm yield test: Apply RichFarm 1 only
Observe the growth and yield.

Pomacea canaliculata - relative impact on rice growth

The foliage of the seedlings is relatively tender during the growth period, so the canaliculata tend to eat them, causing a lack of leaves and plants, resulting in a reduction in the subsequent harvest.
Organic fertilizer group: Canaliculatas and their eggs have a very high rate of growth and can be seen everywhere. The rice plants grow unevenly and the slow-growing seedlings become food for the canaliculata.
Rolling Greens Group: The number of canaliculatas is very small and the rice plants grow evenly.


Grass phase - relative impact on rice growth

Grass growth has an impact on the ability to maintain good ventilation and reduce the incidence of rice fever and pests.
Organic Group: Uneven growth of rice plants in the early stage, which can be seen in the disorderly growth of grass phase between plants, making the subsequent growth of rice plants and harvesting more difficult.
Rolling Greens group: The rice plants grow evenly and quickly in the early stage, and the grass phase between the plants is not affected.


Plant Height and Stem Width - Relative Effect on Rice Growth

The taller the rice plant, the more susceptible it is to collapse due to strong winds and rain, but the key is still related to the thickness of the stem.
Stem strength can prevent rice ears from falling over due to rain and strong winds.。
Rolling Greens group: 58.82% higher in stem width than organic fertilizer group.



Effective Tiller - Relative impact on rice growth

This kind of bush stem is commonly known as "tiller" in agriculture. The phloem that grows into solid rice ears is called "effective tiller".
Rolling Greens Group: The maximum effective tiller number reached 28 under the application of only RichFarm 1, which is higher than the normal range of 23~25.
The effective tiller is related to the yield of the crop. If you apply RichFarm 1 together with chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers of good quality, the yield will be increased by hundreds or thousands.



Weight capacity - Relative effect on rice quality

Basis of measurement: Selection of full grain
Rolling Greens group: No influence of grass phase, good rice quality, high tiller splitting rate, continuous spike production, 10.53% improvement in grain capacity and quality.
However, there are more green grains because of insufficient nutrient supply in the later stage without fertilizer application.
The RichFarm should be applied with good fertilizer to improve the quality and yield.



Total Harvest Analysis - Organic Group & Rolling Greens Group

Organic Group: 186.25kg/plot
Rolling Greens Group: 327.42kg/division
Total yield: 75.8% increase in the Rolling Greens Group
Without adding any fertilizer, the Rolling Greens Group can effectively decompose residual fertilizer and enhance soil activity.
It can bring the crop growth and yield to above standard. When combined with any fertilizer of good quality, it will increase the yield by hundreds or thousands!



Harvest yield is affected by two factors:
1. Uncontrollable factors: weather.
2. controllable factors: field management, material selection, and soil fertility.
There is no field management in the two groups of fields; the fertility of the soil is also different, and the only influence is the choice of materials.

Cost Analysis

Organic Group: $227,488/plot
Rolling Greens Group: $1,290/plot

Organic Group: Fertilizer is bulky and difficult to transport and store, with poor taste, and requires additional labor for application.
Rolling Greens Group: Lightweight packaging, low transportation and storage costs, easy to apply without extra labor.