Rich Farm Feature

Bacterial Fertilizer products on the market now are mostly dealing in forms of complex fertilizers, containing either chemical or organic fertilizers. The effectiveness and stability of living microorganism, effect storage time, transportation cost and EM count in such product remains questionable. Rich Farm Series product in consists of over 10billion effective microorganisms per gram, with moisture proof opaque aluminum packaging to secure product function.

Years of conventional agricultural methods, take excessive application of chemical substances for instance, has greatly damage environmental conditions for the worse.
Rich Farm products has the potential of reduce the use of chemical substances, restore soil conditions; gradually improve the environment. And from there promote yield rates and profits.

Rich Farm one is a biological product which contains mostly of effective microorganisms, which meets organic standards.


Biological products promotes efficiency in nutrition consumption, the healthier the crops the better the condition it is. Therefore, increase disease resistance of crops.

Rich Farm products are effect microorganisms, and performs a degree of bacteria resistance function.

Rolling Greens strongly suggest users to apply products with respect to our advised instructions; while Rich Farm microorganisms are completely harmless to environment.

The microorganisms in our products are harmless to people and the environment. However, since our product is powdery, please avoid inhalation. If the powder is in your eye, please wash it out with water and ask for medical help if you’re not feeling any better.